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Mobile Apps for Associations

Custom Apps for Associations
As a rule, professional associations exist to advance their profession and provide lasting value to their members. In the App age, key components in expanding a successful professional association's reach involve developing superior methods for sharing quality, current information and providing practical tools on behalf of its members and the profession it wishes to promote. Toward these goals, Tapworx helps professional groups discover the power of touch-enabled tools that will support their professional community, offer the latest educational materials, and also build mutually beneficial relationships.

Tapworx has created Apps for numerous professional organizations that include but are not limited to the following:

  - Access to membership directories
  - Continuing education information
  - Schedule and important calendar event information: meetings, conferences, trade shows
  - Reference information

Tapworx has also created apps for these members of professional organizations to better serve their own clients. Leveraging the capacity of today's touch-enabled technology, Tapworx has helped members of professional service groups create specific Apps in which clients can enter in their unique information to obtain outcomes that would include guidelines specifically tailored to their needs. Potential benefits for both members and their clients include immediate, accurate information and savings in both time and financial resources.


Moblie Apps for Businesses

Custom Apps for Businesses
Tapworx has helped usher in the next generation of Apps through its development of dynamic, custom tools for businesses that increasingly rely on a mobile work force. Business success depends on an organization's ability to input, retrieve, and act on accurate information in a fast-paced environment. Whether business professionals are in the office or on the road, touch-enabled resources offer great advantages toward keeping your business moving in the right direction. Our expert developers create custom Apps to track sales and operations, provide business process oversight, or manage contacts, contracts, and clients. Other Apps help staff collaborate with colleagues, or make available reference guides to reduce response times and solve problems in the field. The possibilities are infinite. Tapworx works with virtually all software/hardware platforms to help your business create these easy-to-use Apps which help your staff think ahead, move forward, and be more productive.


Mobile Apps for Non-Profits

Custom Apps for Non-Profit Organizations Education, Healthcare, Philanthropic, and Government Agencies
Tapworx believes the creative application of advanced technology for the benefit of all has enormous potential. Working with non-profit organizations allows us to provide innovative solutions for those agencies whose successful mission requires the ability to access specific data, analyze it, and use it for purposes of public health, education, or community enrichment.

Tapworx creates mobile Apps for a wide range of non-profit entities that help staff with recruitment, organization, internal database access, community outreach, and fundraising efforts. Tapworx helps government agencies that traditionally publish non-classified material online to create mobile Apps that provide these same guidelines, statistics and contact information on mobile platforms to better serve the public, both locally and on a national level. Tapworx also helps educational institutions develop touch-enabled study guides and reference materials on behalf of their students, all with 24-hour access. Data availability for public consumption no longer must be limited to standard library hours or 9-to-5 schedules, and Tapworx is continually developing new Apps that help our non-profit partners have a positive impact on their respective communities..


Interactive Books

Interactive eBooks & eBrochures
Touch-enabled tablets have revolutionized the way people read and share information. This simple fact has created a huge and complicated backlog of documents, brochures, and books that must be re-tooled to be usable on a mobile device. Tapworx's experienced staff has developed a niche expertise in recreating our clients' brochures, books, and reference guides to achieve full functionality. And unlike traditional materials, interactive eBrochures and eBooks can create more vibrant, engaging content that leaps off the page. Tapworx ensures the finished product will have content that can adapt, repaginate, maintain hyperlinks, display photos, and include any sound effects or animation on any tablet or mobile device.


Interactive Signs

Interactive Digital Signage
Anyone who has stepped inside a shopping mall, hotel, casino or transportation center has seen the futuristic interactive digital displays that are increasingly available for public use. Tapworx has helped lead the App pack with our digital partners in creating large scale interactive displays for a diverse range of industries throughout the United States. In the new App age, uses for this type of touch-enabled technology are endless - virtual concierge, lobby directory, interactive maps, ticket generation, even slot machines.

If your business requires customers to visit your place of business and submit information before receiving a service or product, get directions, or obtain a ticket, an interactive digital display may be the answer in terms of saving resources and time. Technology that can be incorporated into these displays includes touch screens, barcode scanners, card swipe, RFID, and other input devices. Competition in the marketplace means excellent client service has never been more important, and cost-effective, interactive media can help achieve this goal by engaging your customer in a positive way. Other benefits of user-friendly digital displays include consistency of information, region-specific, digitally editable content, minimal wait times for busy customers, and more time for staff to focus on other important aspects of your business.